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Hillclimb Tyres

BMTR Motorsport have been supplying tyres into the very specialised Hillclimb Market for over 30 years. In that time we have built up a very loyal customer base who trust us to supply the best tyre for the job. Avon Tyres Motorsport have worked very closely with us over the years and together we have produced a specific selection of fast and consistent tyre range¬† which work on the UK's very short hills.   [caption id="attachment_674" align="alignnone" width="356"] Scott Moran - Loton Park 2017[/caption] Radial Sizes - Single Seater Specs 175/530R13   195/530R13 180/550R13   210/550R13   230/550R13   250/570R13   275/570R13   290/570R13   245/600R13   300/600R13   330/620R13   315/660R13   370/660R13     (Available in compound choice of A15 (Soft), A92 (Ultrasoft). 594 (Soft +), 592 (Ultrasoft +) Radial Sizes - GT Specs 225/640R18   250/640R18   270/650R18   300/650R18   (Available in compound Choice of 379 (Med GT Hillclimb), A50 (Soft GT Hillclimb), 475 (Supersoft GT Hillclimb)